Automating Clinical Laboratories



Online Payments

Whether you run an online shop or a web application or just want to make your customers’ life easier, online payments are essential.


We can assist you with any aspect of your on-line presence, from analyzing your requirements to suggesting the best solution(s) to address them.

Website & Interface Design

A good design will please your customer’s eyes. A great design will communicate your message clearly, and turn your visitors into customers.

Support & Maintenance

Your needs change, your customers’ preferences change, trends change. To be successful your website needs to adapt to all kinds of changes.

Website & WebApp Development

‘Content is King’ as the mantra goes. For your website to achieve its purpose your content needs to be up-to-date and engaging.

Information Architecture

How good your website looks or how unique your content is, are irrelevant if visitors cannot find their way through your website.


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